WYFCO is an organization founded with a vision of building a great world and making our nations and mankind great. We are bent in making a change in this changing generation and making the world a better place to live for us and our children. We believed that the youths are the agents of change and if we must make the world and nations a better place to live, we would have to begin with our youths for if we can capture our youths, we have captured the future for they are the unforeseen future that beholds our nations. We are reaching out to the whole world to come together and say NO to CORRUPT PRACTICES and embrace CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION. You and I together can make our nation and the world a better place. Once again, you are welcome to the atmosphere of change as you join us today in achieving this dream, you will be bless. you can feel free to tell us what you think about us and make your own contributions. OUR MISSION IS A COLLECTIVE EFFORT, YOUR OPINION WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED.



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